Basketball Operations

Head Coach & Operations Manager

Chris Vega

Chris Vega has been drawn to the sport of basketball since he learned to dribble a ball in his early youth. A native of Albuquerque, NM and graduate of Rio Grande High School, Chris was captain of his Raven team and also spent hours in his free time playing street ball throughout the community, county leagues, and taking part in state tournaments. After graduating, Chris began officiating youth county leagues. He has dedicated 20 years to officiating the game, and this is where Chris developed his true knowledge and respect for the game. His experience has earned him much respect in the field as he’s expanded to officiating High Level AAU tournaments, mens leagues, and ProAm tournaments. He has also become an assignor for another professional league which he officiates as well.

As a service to giving back to the community and helping others grow in the field, Chris holds clinics for new and upcoming officials. His instruction and guidance has enabled others to be successful in the challenging field of officiating.

Chris’ love of competitive sports and natural ability to objectively officiate isn’t limited to basketball. Chris has also become a professional boxing referee. Chris’ drive to evolve and advance his skills in officiating has given him the opportunity to realize his dream of being a part of the sport he loves while also allowing him to give back to his community and it’s upcoming athletes.