Bullsnakes Second Practice of the Year

This week, the New Mexico Bullsnakes gathered again for another training session during the Covid era. The Bullsnakes are preparing for a season that could start soon or in January.  The whole team was together for the first time in over three months. Excitement and joy at the prospect of playing basketball was all around.

New Bullsnakes Gerad Davis and Marlon Cunningham made their official debuts showing plenty of promise. This second generation of Bullsnakes is a group deep in talent.

Captain Lamar Morinia returns for another season along with veteran Mikal Monette. The ever-steady Brady Patterson and Josh Holmes along with Jared Fuller are also in the mix. Derius Hegwood also has high energy and excitement.

Long-range shooter Seth Warfield and high-flyer Jordan Jones also return along with big man Blake Mitchem. This looks to be an exciting, well-balanced team that could make some noise this coming season.