Bullsnakes Basketball Team and 99.9FM The Beat Announce New Radio Partnership.

Albuquerque, NM – Starting in May 2020,New Mexico Bullsnakes Pro Basketball Team fans will have the opportunity to catch their team’s news on 99.9-FM The Beat.
The Bullsnakes organization announced Wednesday that 99.9-FM The Beat will become the new official radio station of the BullsnakesProfessional Basketball Team, as the radio station is expanding into the New Mexico sports media market.

“We are excited about this new partnership with 99.9 the beat and we are looking forward to this new option for our fan base to stay even closer to the team”, said Team Owner and General Manager, Nick Lourenco.   “The ability to have regular weekly team news and the creation of exclusive content is part of the new strategy to keep Bullsnakes Basketball fans more engaged with their favorite team.

“The landscape of Radio has change Now more than ever in order to stay relevant You have to embrace to change”said Byron PowdrellFounder And Executive Director

Future Broadcasters Inc. 99.9 The Beat FM.

“99.9 the beat has recently expanded into the sports world.  We are excited to partner with the New Mexico Bullsnakes.Many of the players are from New Mexico and our station is all about promoting our community at large“ said Ed Nunez, Sports director of 99.9FM the Beat.

The Bullsnakes will begin their second regular season in ABA in October 2020 traveling to Las Vegas NV to face the Las Vegas Pharaohs at 7:00Pm.

About the Bullsnakes Basketball Team

The Bullsnakes share the American Basketball Association’s (ABA) philosophy of promoting community-based, fun and affordable professional basketball with a team that New Mexico sports fans are sure to enjoy.

We are dedicated to fair play, good sportsmanship, and integrity both on and off the court. We are committed to making a positive impact in the community as we seek partnerships with non-profit and community-based organizations to help our families, neighbors, and children in need. As such, our goal is to assist the communities and the schools attain success.

About 99.9FM The Beat

99.9 The Beat FM LP is Albuquerque’s first successful non-profit, low-power radio station. It operates under Future Broadcasters Inc., a non-profit that Mr. Byron  Powdrell started to mentor children in the art of radio starting in 2013.