New Mexico Bullsnakes , 7-1, becomes No.11 in the ABA power rankings

American Basketball Association

INDIANAPOLIS — The American Basketball Association (ABA) today released its Power Rankings for the week ending Sunday, December 19 and the Chicago Fury maintained its No. 1 position over the Chula Vista Suns and the Steel City Yellow Jackets, all of which are undefeated thus far this season.

“This is one of the most competitive seasons ever,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman.  “We have seven teams that are undefeated and a total of 18 with one loss or less. We have a reduced schedule of games over the holidays, but when we come back in January, it is going to be very competitive as teams compete to make the Final Eight in Kansas City in April.”

It took seven games to qualify for the power rankings:

  1. Chicago Fury 9-0
  2. Chula Vista Suns 10-0
  3. Steel City Yellow Jackets 8-0
  4. Palm Beach Stampede 7-0
  5. Mobile Jesters 7-0
  6. Tampa Bay Fury 7-0
  7. Ohio Bruins 8-1
  8. Texas Seraphim 8-1
  9. Atlanta Storm 7-1
  10. Baldwin County Hoopers 7-1
  11. New Mexico Bull Snakes 7-1
  12. Team Trouble 7-1
  13. Garden State Warriors 7-1
  14. Georgia Soul 7-1
  15. Columbus Blackhawks 7-1
  16. Music City Jazz 7-1
  17. San Francisco City Cats 6-1
  18. Las Vegas Royals 6-1
  19. Binghamton Bulldogs 9-3
  20. North Alabama War Dawgs 7-2
  21. Wyoming Valley Clutch 7-2
  22. Chicago Knights 7-2
  23. Charlottesville Gladiators 7-2
  24. Indiana Lyons 7-3
  25. T-Camden Monarchs 5-2   Providence Pirates 5-2

*The Newfoundland Rogues are 6-0.  Covid-19 prevented games over the weekend.

ABA Scores – Sat, Dec 18 & Sun, Dec 19

Camden Monarchs over Delaware Snipers, 132-110

Charlottesville Gladiators over SBC Ballers, 118-109

Clermont Crocs over Sarasota Manatees, 137-122

Ohio Bruins over Chi Town Rebels, 121-112

Texas Seraphim over Tri City All Stars, 135-126

Nassau Pride over Florida All Stars, 199-88

Garden State Warriors over Providence Pirates, 127-103

Columbus Blackhawks over West GA Celtics, 105-90

Tampa Bay Fury over St. Pete Tide, 171-107

Jacksonville Giants over St. Augustine Glory, 115-97

Chicago Fury over Lacrosse Showtime, 146-92

Binghamton Bulldogs over Wyoming Valley Clutch, 116-114  2 OT

Missouri Capitols over Indiana Lyons 109-107

Midwest Falcons over Pro Vipers, 114-111

Chicago Knights over Burning River Buckets, 105-101

PG Valor over Central PA Kings, 135-119

Atlanta Aliens over Jekyll Island Pharaohs, 142-121

West Chester Wildcats over Delco Desperados, 124-123

Chula Vista Suns over LA Wolfpack, 214-104

Baltimore Hawks over York Buccaneers, 103-97

ATC Cardinals over NEPA Stars & Stripes, 114-101

Southwest Desert Cats over South Phoenix Knights, 94-92

Music City Jazz over Atlanta Rappers, 133-107

Midwest Falcons over Aurora Sons, 125-121

Silicon Valley Panthers over East Bay Kings, 133-83

Georgia Soul over Atlanta Aliens, 122-116

Hornell Bulls over Elmira Eagles, 125-117

San Francisco City Cats over  Ball World Peace, 108-89

River City Gamblers over Indiana Lyons, 126-124

Tucson Buckets over Arizona Fire, 159-115

West Chester Wildcats over Harlem Underdogs, 136-116

Team Trouble over Contra County Delta All Stars, 133-127

KC Sizzlers over Clarksville Phoenix, 109-97

Clarksville Phoenix over KC Sizzlers, 104-86

New Jersey Knights over Phoenixville Bull Snakes, 119-110

Sarasota Manatees over St. Petersburg Tide – forfeit

North Alabama War Dawgs over Atlanta Rappers – forfeit

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